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About Douglas Coupland:

Douglas Coupland is a Canadian novelist and artist. His fiction is complemented by recognized works in design and visual art arising from his early formal training. His first novel, the 1991 international bestseller Generation X: Tales for an Accelerated Culture, popularized terms such as McJob and Generation X. He has published thirteen novels, two collections of short stories, seven non-fiction books, and a number of dramatic works and screenplays for film and television. A specific feature of Coupland's novels is their synthesis of postmodern religion, Web 2.0 technology, human sexuality, and pop culture.

Author Bio

  • NameDouglas Coupland
  • DescriptionCanadian novelist, short story writer, playwright, and graphic designer
  • BornDecember 30, 1961
  • CountryCanada
  • ProfessionWriter; Sculptor; Novelist; Artist; Designer; Screenwriter
  • WorksGeneration X: Tales For An Accelerated Culture; Microserfs; JPod
  • AwardsOfficer Of The Order Of Canada