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About Daniel Kehlmann:

Daniel Kehlmann is a German-language author of both Austrian and German nationality. His work Die Vermessung der Welt (translated into English by Carol Brown Janeway as Measuring the World, 2006) is the best selling novel in the German language since Patrick Süskind's Perfume was released in 1985. Kehlmann's works, and in particular Die Vermessung der Welt, are heavily influenced by magical realism and represent a dramatic shift from the goals of the influential Group 47. He was awarded the Heimito von Doderer Prize for the novel.

Author Bio

  • NameDaniel Kehlmann
  • DescriptionGerman-Austrian writer
  • BornJanuary 13, 1975
  • CountryGermany
  • ProfessionWriter; Novelist
  • WorksMeasuring The World
  • Awards