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About Cyrus the Great:

Cyrus II of Persia was the founder of the Achaemenid Empire. Under his rule, the empire embraced all the previous civilized states of the ancient Near East, expanded vastly and eventually conquered most of Southwest Asia and much of Central Asia and the Caucasus. From the Mediterranean Sea and Hellespont in the west to the Indus River in the east, Cyrus the Great created the largest empire the world had yet seen. Under his successors, the empire eventually stretched from parts of the Balkans (Bulgaria-Pannonia) and Thrace-Macedonia in the west, to the Indus Valley in the east. His regal titles in full were The Great King, King of Persia, King of Anshan, King of Media, King of Babylon, King of Sumer and Akkad, and King of the Four Corners of the World.

Author Bio

  • NameCyrus the Great
  • DescriptionFounder of the Achaemenid Empire
  • AliasesCyrus II of Persia; Cyrus the Elder
  • Born590 BCE
  • Died529 BCE
  • ProfessionSovereign