Quotes by Cornelius Nepos

About Cornelius Nepos:

Cornelius Nepos is attested by Ausonius, and Pliny the Elder calls him Padi accola ("a dweller on the River Po", Naturalis historia III.127). He was a friend of Catullus, who dedicates his poems to him (I.3), Cicero and Titus Pomponius Atticus. Eusebius places him in the fourth year of the reign of Augustus, which is supposed to be when he began to attract critical acclaim by his writing. Pliny the Elder notes he died in the reign of Augustus (Natural History IX.39, X.23).

Author Bio

  • NameCornelius Nepos
  • DescriptionRoman writer
  • Born100 BCE
  • Died27 BCE
  • CountryAncient Rome
  • ProfessionHistorian; Writer