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Brian D'Ambrosio is a Missoula, Montana author, media consultant, and journalist, who has written numerous travel, sports, history, film, political, and true crime articles and books. He is most notable for the e-book, Free Ryan Ferguson, which documented and helped overturn the wrongful conviction of Ryan Ferguson,and a biography of Charles Bronson. The book has interviews, pictures and maps that support Ferguson's claims of innocence. In 2013, D'Ambrosio interviewed 30 former NHL tough guys about their role and position and discussed the current status of fighting in hockey. D'Ambrosio said that he was "interested in the psychology of the tough guy, and the mental prowess that goes into that preparation." D'Ambrosio was the Communications Director of ex-boxer Jameel McCline's ill-fated run for Congress in Florida in 2014, and works with and on behalf of many former fighters. His interviews with actress Misty Upham in which the actress discussed the trauma she faced growing up on Montana reservations and her suicidal tendencies were perhaps Upham's most explicit. They would be her final. He is working on biographies of "Indian" Marvin Camel and Rastafarian boxerLivingstone Bramble. D'Ambrosio is a frequent contributor to, among other sites, The Huffington Post, where he profiles musicians, former entertainment wrestlers, and an eclectic assortment of vivid people. He recently completed a first volume of stories of musicians, actors, entertainers and sports stars called "Life in the Trenches," which includes 37 in-depth profiles of subjects such as "Rowdy" Roddy Piper, MMA forefather Dan "The Beast" Severn, and Texas folksinger James McMurtry. He is at work on a second edition, which features New Jersey comic Joe Piscopo, North Carolina troubadour Malcolm Holcombe, and 28 others.

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