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About Bernhard Riemann:

Georg Friedrich Bernhard Riemann is mostly known for the first rigorous formulation of the integral, the Riemann integral, and his work on Fourier series. His contributions to complex analysis include most notably the introduction of Riemann surfaces, breaking new ground in a natural, geometric treatment of complex analysis. His famous 1859 paper on the prime-counting function containing the original statement of the Riemann hypothesis, is regarded, although it's his only paper in the field, as one of the most influential papers in analytic number theory. Through his (along with his Göttingen colleague and mentor Gauss) pioneering contributions to differential geometry, Riemann laid the foundations of the mathematics of general relativity.

Author Bio

  • NameBernhard Riemann
  • DescriptionGerman mathematician
  • AliasesGeorg Friedrich Bernhard Riemann
  • BornSeptember 17, 1826
  • DiedJuly 20, 1866
  • CountryGermany
  • ProfessionMathematician