Quotes by Benjamin Constant

About Benjamin Constant:

Henri-Benjamin Constant de Rebecque was a Swiss-French political activist and writer on politics and religion. He was the author of a partly biographical psychological novel, Adolphe. He was a fervent liberal of the early 19th century who influenced the Trienio Liberal movement in Spain, the Liberal Revolution of 1820 in Portugal, the Greek War of Independence, the November Uprising in Poland, the Belgian Revolution, and Liberalism in Brazil and Mexico.

Author Bio

  • NameBenjamin Constant
  • DescriptionSwiss-born French politician, writer on politics and religion
  • AliasesHenri-Benjamin Constant de Rebecque
  • BornOctober 25, 1767
  • DiedDecember 10, 1830
  • CountryFrance; Switzerland
  • ProfessionPhilosopher; Politician; Writer
  • WorksAdolphe