Quotes by B. Traven

About B. Traven:

B. Traven is that he lived for years in Mexico, where the majority of his fiction is also set—including The Treasure of the Sierra Madre (1927), which was adapted for the Academy Award winning film of the same name in 1948.

Author Bio

  • NameB. Traven
  • DescriptionGerman novelist
  • AliasesOtto Feige; Torsvan; Berick Torsvan; Bernhard Traven Torsvan; Torsvan Croves; Traven; Ret Marut; Hal Croves; Traven Torsvan
  • BornMay 3, 1882
  • DiedMarch 26, 1969
  • CountryGermany; Mexico
  • ProfessionWriter; Novelist
  • WorksThe Death Ship; The Treasure Of The Sierra Madre