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About Arthur Cravan:

Arthur Cravan was known as a pugilist, a poet, a larger-than-life character, and an idol of the Dada and Surrealism movements. He was the second son of Otho Holland Lloyd and Hélène Clara St. Clair. His brother Otho was a painter and photographer married to the Russian émigré artist Olga Sacharoff. His father's sister, Constance Mary Lloyd, was married to Irish poet Oscar Wilde. He changed his name to Cravan in 1912 in honour of his fiancée Renée Bouchet, who was born in the small village of Cravans in the department of Charente-Maritime in western France. Why he chose the name Arthur remains unclear.

Author Bio

  • NameArthur Cravan
  • DescriptionFrench boxer
  • BornMay 22, 1887
  • Died1918
  • CountryUnited Kingdom; France
  • ProfessionBoxer; Poet; Author