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About Alan Guth:

Alan Harvey Guth is an American theoretical physicist and cosmologist. Guth has researched elementary particle theory (and how particle theory is applicable to the early universe). He is currently serving as Victor Weisskopf Professor of Physics at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Along with Alexei Starobinsky and Andrei Linde, he won the 2014 Kavli Prize “for pioneering the theory of cosmic inflation.”

Author Bio

  • NameAlan Guth
  • DescriptionAmerican Cosmologist, Theoretical Physics
  • BornFebruary 27, 1947
  • CountryUnited States Of America
  • ProfessionAstronomer; Theoretical Physicist; Cosmologist; Science Writer
  • AwardsLilienfeld Prize; Eddington Medal; Dirac Prize; Gruber Prize In Cosmology; Fundamental Physics Prize; Isaac Newton Medal; Kavli Prize In Astrophysics