Quotes by Akira Toriyama

About Akira Toriyama:

Akira Toriyama is a Japanese manga and game artist. He first achieved mainstream recognition for his highly successful manga Dr. Slump, before going on to create Dragon Ball—his best-known work—and acting as a character designer for several popular video games such as the Dragon Quest series and Chrono Trigger. Toriyama is regarded as one of the artists that changed the history of manga, as his works are highly influential and popular, particularly Dragon Ball, which many manga artists cite as a source of inspiration.

Author Bio

  • NameAkira Toriyama
  • DescriptionManga artist and video game character designer
  • BornApril 5, 1955
  • CountryJapan
  • ProfessionMangaka; Game Artist; Model Sheet; Art Director
  • WorksGinyu Force; The World Universe; Karin