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About Aasif Mandvi:

Aasif Hakim Mandviwala is an Indian-American actor and comedian. He began appearing as an occasional contributing correspondent on The Daily Show on August 9, 2006. On March 12, 2007, he was promoted to a regular correspondent. He is the lead actor, co-writer and producer of the web series Halal In The Family which premiered on "Funny or Die" in 2015 and an actor, writer and co-producer of the HBO comedy series The Brink. He is also the author of the book "No Land's Man"

Author Bio

  • NameAasif Mandvi
  • DescriptionAmerican actor, comedian
  • AliasesAasif Mandviwala; Aasif H. Mandviwala
  • BornMarch 5, 1966
  • CountryUnited States Of America
  • ProfessionActor; Screenwriter