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About Yuna Kagesaki:

Yuna Kagesaki is a manga artist, born on March 3, 1973, best known for being the author of the manga Chibi Vampire. Her work has been published under four different names: Yuna Kagesaki (?? ??, Kagesaki Yuna?) (professionally published non-pornographic comics, except for Sakura no Ichiban), Yuna Kagezaki (?? ??, Kagezaki Yuna?) (same characters but different readings; only in Taish? Komachi Jikench? Sakura no Ichiban!), Y?na Kagesaki (?? ??, Kagesaki Y?na?) (spelled with different kanji) when drawing CG's for PC games, and Yuta Kageyama (?? ??, Kageyama Yuta?) when drawing hentai manga or HCG's for PC games. In the bonus comic strips at the end of volume 3 of her work Hekikai no AiON, she refers to herself as "K-ya (real name)" (??????, K?ya (hommy?)?), suggesting that her real name begins with "K" and ends with "ya". In middle school she was a member of the brass band.[citation needed]

Author Bio

  • NameYuna Kagesaki
  • DescriptionJapanese manga artist
  • BornMarch 3, 1973
  • CountryJapan
  • ProfessionMangaka; Illustrator; Writer