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About Youka Nitta:

Youka Nitta is a Japanese yaoi manga artist. Although Nitta was already a fan of manga, she was introduced to yaoi manga when she was in grade five, by an older girl who was her neighbour. Her first manga story, "GROUPIE", was published by Biblos in 1997. She believes in characters not always having to be the seme or uke, and her Embracing Love has been called the first title available with a "reversible" couple in English. In 2008 it was reported that Nitta had infringed upon the copyright of advertising photographs by tracing them for illustrations in her manga Embracing Love; she subsequently apologized for the misuse, as did her publisher. Nitta attended the 2002 Yaoi-Con and the 2006 New York Comic Con but cancelled her planned appearance at the 2008 Yaoi-Con in the aftermath of the tracing scandal.

Author Bio

  • NameYouka Nitta
  • DescriptionJapanese manga artist
  • BornMarch 8, 1971
  • CountryJapan
  • ProfessionMangaka; Illustrator
  • WorksEmbracing Love;