Quote by: Winifred Holtby

I am a feminist because I dislike everything that feminism implies. I desire an end to the whole business, the demands for equality, the suggestion of sex warfare, the very name feminist. I want to be about the work in which my real interests like, the writing of novels and so forth. But while inequality exists, while injustice is done and opportunity denied to the great majority of women, I shall have to be a feminist. And I shan't be happy till I get . . . a society in which there is no distinction of persons either male or female, but a supreme regard for the importance of the human being. And when that dream is a reality, I will say farewell to feminism, as to any disbanded but victorious army, with honour for its heroes, gratitude for its sacrifice, and profound relief that the hour for its necessity has passed.

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Author Bio

  • NameWinifred Holtby
  • DescriptionBritish writer
  • BornJune 23, 1898
  • DiedSeptember 29, 1935
  • CountryUnited Kingdom
  • ProfessionAuthor; Journalist
  • WorksSouth Riding
  • AwardsJames Tait Black Memorial Prize