Quote by: William Shakespeare

He stopped the flyers And by his rare example made the coward Turn terror into sport. As weeds before A vessel under sail, so men obeyed And fell below his stem. His sword, Death's stamp, Where it did mark, it took; from face to foot He was a thing of blood, whose every motion Was timed with dying cries. Alone he entered The mortal gate o' th' city, which he painted With shunless destiny; aidless came off And with a sudden reinforcement struck Corioles like a planet. Now all's his, When by and by the dim of war gan pierce His ready sense; then straight his doubled spirit Requickened what in flesh was fatigate, And to the battle came he, where he did Run reeking o'er the lives of men as if 'Twere a perpetual spoil; and till we called Both field and city ours, he never stood To ease his breast with panting.

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Author Bio

  • NameWilliam Shakespeare
  • DescriptionEnglish playwright and poet
  • AliasesShakespeare; The Bard; The Bard of Avon
  • Born1564
  • DiedMay 3, 1616
  • CountryEngland
  • ProfessionPlaywright; Poet; Stage Actor; Writer
  • WorksHamlet; Romeo And Juliet; As You Like It; Macbeth; A Midsummer Night's Dream; Shakespeare's Sonnets