Quotes by William Hazlitt

About William Hazlitt:

William Hazlitt is now considered one of the great critics and essayists of the English language, placed in the company of Samuel Johnson and George Orwell. Yet his work is currently little read and mostly out of print. During his lifetime he befriended many people who are now part of the 19th-century literary canon, including Charles and Mary Lamb, Stendhal, Samuel Taylor Coleridge, William Wordsworth, and John Keats.

Author Bio

  • NameWilliam Hazlitt
  • DescriptionEnglish writer, remembered for his humanistic essays and literary criticism, as the greatest art critic of his age, and as a drama critic, social commentator, and philosopher
  • BornApril 10, 1778
  • DiedSeptember 18, 1830
  • CountryUnited Kingdom
  • ProfessionLiterary Historian; Philosopher; Writer
  • WorksCharacters Of Shakespear's Plays; Table-Talk; The Spirit Of The Age