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About Werner Erhard:

Werner Hans Erhard is a critical thinker and author of transformational models and applications for individuals, groups, and organizations. He has written about integrity, performance, leadership and transformation and has lectured at (among other institutions) Harvard University, Yale, University of Southern California, University of Rochester, Erasmus University Rotterdam, Oxford Union at Oxford University, and the US Air Force Academy as an independent.

Author Bio

  • NameWerner Erhard
  • Descriptionfounder of Erhard Seminars Training, Werner Erhard and Associates and "The Forum", which formed the basis for Landmark Education and its course Landmark Forum when he sold these companies to his employees in 1991.
  • AliasesJohn Paul Rosenberg; John Rosenberg; Jack Rosenberg; Jack Frost; Curt Wilhelm VonSavage; Curt VonSavage; Werner Spits
  • BornSeptember 5, 1935
  • CountryUnited States Of America