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About Walter B. Pitkin:

Walter Boughton Pitkin was an American lecturer in philosophy and psychology at Columbia University (1905–09), and professor in the Columbia University School of Journalism (1912–43). He has written some self-help books like Life Begins at Forty (New York, Whittlesey house, McGraw-Hill, 1932) and The Psychology of Happiness. His A Short Introduction to the History of Human Stupidity was translated into fifteen languages. Pitkin was a member of the New Realism school in philosophy, writing on its relation to biology.

Author Bio

  • NameWalter B. Pitkin
  • DescriptionAmerican philosopher
  • BornFebruary 6, 1878
  • DiedJanuary 25, 1953
  • CountryUnited States Of America
  • ProfessionWriter; Journalist; Philosopher