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About Valentina Tereshkova:

Valentina Vladimirovna Tereshkova is the first woman to have flown in space, having been selected from more than four hundred applicants and five finalists to pilot Vostok 6 on 16 June 1963. In order to join the Cosmonaut Corps, Tereshkova was honorarily inducted into the Soviet Air Force and thus she also became the first civilian to fly in space.

Author Bio

  • NameValentina Tereshkova
  • Descriptionfirst woman to have flown in space
  • AliasesValentina Vladimirovna Tereshkova
  • BornMarch 6, 1937
  • CountryRussia; Soviet Union
  • ProfessionAstronaut; Politician
  • AwardsPilot-Cosmonaut Of The USSR; Hero Of The Soviet Union; Order Of Karl Marx; Order Of The October Revolution; Order Of The Red Banner Of Labour; Order Of Friendship Of Peoples; Order Of Bernardo O'Higgins; Order Of The Sun; Honorary Degree; Order Of Alexander Nevsky (Russia); Order Of Lenin; Order Of Lenin; Order Of Honour; Order Of Friendship; Order Of Georgi Dimitrov; Order Of The Cross Of Grunwald; Order Of Klement Gottwald; Order Of Sukhbaatar; Order For Services To The Fatherland 2nd Degree; Order For Services To The Fatherland 3rd Degree