Quotes by Thomas a Kempis

About Thomas a Kempis:

Thomas à Kempis is one of the best known Christian books on devotion. His name means "Thomas of Kempen", his hometown, and in German he is known as Thomas von Kempen. He also is known by various spellings of his family name: Thomas Haemerken; Thomas Hammerlein; Thomas Hemerken and Thomas Hämerken.

Author Bio

  • NameThomas a Kempis
  • DescriptionGerman canon regular
  • AliasesThomas von Kempen; Thomas Haemerkken; Thomas Hammerlein; Thomas Hemerken; Thomas Hämerken
  • Born1380
  • DiedJuly 25, 1471
  • CountryNetherlands
  • ProfessionTheologian; Writer