Quote by: Shel Silverstein

Larry’s such a liar--- He tells outrageous lies. He says he’s ninety-nine years old Instead of only five. He says he lives up on the moon, He says that he once flew. He says he’s really six feet four Instead of three feet two. He says he has a billion dollars ‘Stead of just a dime. He says he rode a dinosaur Back in some distant time. He says his mother is the moon Who taught him magic spells. He says his father is the wind That rings the morning bells. He says he can take stones and rocks And turn them into gold. He says he can take burnin’ fire And turn it freezin’ cold. He said he’d send me seven elves To help me with my chores. But Larry’s such a liar--- He only sent me four.

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Author Bio

  • NameShel Silverstein
  • DescriptionAmerican poet
  • BornSeptember 25, 1930
  • DiedMay 10, 1999
  • CountryUnited States Of America
  • ProfessionPoet; Composer; Writer; Singer; Musician; Songwriter; Children's Writer
  • WorksWhere The Sidewalk Ends; The Giving Tree