Quote by: Rohith Thatchan C

She is the girl from the Rainbows, with Twinie eyes and Silky hair... She is short, she is Cute, Her Smile will put you on mute... She is Quick, she is Fast, she is Witty, As Sweet as Kitty... She Speaks less, but Talks more. Dumb for many, Wisdom for few... You can never See her, but you can Feel her. Many people know her, but only few can Understand her.. She behaves like Mr. Bean, But deep inside she is a Sarcasm queen.. She is Powerful, she is Confident, a born Leader, Always listens to all my Blabber... XD She is wonderful, she is Beautiful, In short a Sweet little fool.. If you want to make her Happy, get her a cup of Tea, If you want to see her Smile, gift her a Book, If you want to Impress her, don't do anything, just be the Way you are ! She is Complicated and yet Simple, How can one ignore her Dimple !?, She is Crazy, she is Mad, She is my Angel, Angel from the Skies, through the Rainbows, into my Life.... She is my girl.....from the Rainbows.

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