Quote by: Robert Burns

Gin a body meet a body Coming thro' the rye, Gin a body kiss a body— Need a body cry?

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Author Bio

  • NameRobert Burns
  • DescriptionScottish poet and lyricist
  • AliasesRobbie Burns; Rabbie Burns; Scotland's favourite son; Ploughman Poet; Robden of Solway Firth; Bard of Ayrshire; The Bard
  • BornJanuary 25, 1759
  • DiedJuly 21, 1796
  • CountryUnited Kingdom
  • ProfessionSongwriter; Poet; Writer; Musicologist
  • WorksAuld Lang Syne; To A Mouse; Is There For Honest Poverty; Ae Fond Kiss, And Then We Sever...; Scots Wha Hae; Tam O' Shanter; Halloween; The Battle Of Sherramuir