Quotes by Herodotus

About Herodotus:

Herodotus is known to have produced—is a record of his "inquiry" (or ??????? historía, a word that passed into Latin and acquired its modern meaning of "history"), being an investigation of the origins of the Greco-Persian Wars and including a wealth of geographical and ethnographical information. Although some of his stories were fanciful and others inaccurate, he states he was reporting only what was told to him and was often correct in his information. Despite Herodotus' historical significance, little is known of his personal history.

Author Bio

  • NameHerodotus
  • Descriptionancient Greek historian, often considered as the first historian
  • Born484 BCE
  • Died425 BCE
  • CountryAncient Greece
  • ProfessionHistorian; Politician; Writer