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About Henry Lee Lucas:

Henry Lee Lucas was an American serial killer. Lucas was arrested in Texas and, on the basis of his confessions, hundreds of unsolved murders attributed to him were officially classified as cleared up. Lucas was convicted of murdering 11 people and condemned to death for a single case with an unidentified victim. A newspaper exposed the improbable logistics of the confessions made by Lucas, when they were taken as a whole, and a study by the Attorney General of Texas concluded he had falsely confessed; the death sentence was commuted to life in prison in 1998. Assertions by local law enforcement that in certain cases Lucas had demonstrated knowledge of unsolved crimes that only a perpetrator could have possessed added to the enigma, as did his association with Ottis Toole.

Author Bio

  • NameHenry Lee Lucas
  • DescriptionAmerican serial killer
  • BornAugust 23, 1936
  • DiedMarch 13, 2001
  • CountryUnited States Of America