Quote by: Douglas Edwards

Great food also had the ability to attract great talent. "I don't know what to do," senior engineer Luiz Barroso moaned to Jeff Dean the night he had to decide whether to join VMWare or Google. "I've made these lists. I've assigned points to all the pros and cons, and it's tied at 112 to 112." Jeff knew that the day of Luiz's interview at Google, Charlie had served creme brulee for lunch. "Did you factor in the creme brulee?" he asked. "Because I know you really like creme brulee." "Oh no! I didn't consider that," Luiz admitted. The next morning he accepted Google's offer.

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Author Bio

  • NameDouglas Edwards
  • DescriptionBroadcast journalist
  • BornJuly 14, 1917
  • DiedOctober 13, 1990
  • AwardsPeabody Award