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Dichen Lachman (????????) is a Nepalese-born actress and producer of German-Australian and Tibetan descent, best known for appearing in the soap opera Neighbours as Katya Kinski and Joss Whedon's science fiction drama television series Dollhouse as Sierra. Lachman portrayed Suren in the American remake of Being Human as a main character during the show's second season. Dichen has starred also in her own movie released in February 2014: Lust for Love. She is currently a recurring character in Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., where she stars as Jiaying, Skye's Inhuman, ageless mother.

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  • NameDichen Lachman
  • DescriptionNepalese-Australian actress
  • BornFebruary 22, 1982
  • CountryAustralia
  • ProfessionActor