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About Denis Avey:

Denis Avey was a British veteran of the Second World War who was held as a prisoner of war at a camp adjacent to Monowitz. Whilst there he saved the life of Jewish prisoner Ernst Lobethal, by smuggling cigarettes to him. For this he was made a British Hero of the Holocaust in 2010. He also claimed that he exchanged uniforms with a Jewish prisoner to smuggle himself into Monowitz to gain information about the treatment of inmates: this claim was challenged. His memoir The Man who Broke into Auschwitz written with Rob Broomby, was published in 2011.

Author Bio

  • NameDenis Avey
  • DescriptionBritish Army soldier
  • Born1919
  • DiedJuly 20, 2015
  • CountryUnited Kingdom
  • ProfessionAutobiographer