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Mark "Conan" Stevens is an Australian actor, stunt actor, writer and a non-competitive bodybuilder and Stuntman former professional wrestler of English and German descent where he performed under the ring name 7 ft Thunder. He is 213 cm (7'0") tall. He is known for portraying "The Mountain" Gregor Clegane in first season of the HBO television series Game of Thrones. He was cast to portray Bolg, son of Azog, in Peter Jackson's Hobbit trilogy, and completed a portion of the films' photography in makeup as the character. He was subsequently replaced in the role by Lord of the Rings trilogy veteran Lawrence Makoare when Bolg was revamped into a completely CGI character.

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  • NameConan Stevens
  • DescriptionAustralian actor, author and wrestler
  • CountryAustralia
  • ProfessionActor; Writer