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Chris Campanioni is an American writer of Cuban and Polish descent. He is also a model, and a former journalist. He was born in Manhattan and raised in New Jersey, studied English literature and journalism at Lehigh University, and graduated from the MA program at Fordham University in May 2013. He teaches English literature and fiction writing at College of Staten Island and Baruch College. To date, he has written a novel about fashion and the media titled Going Down (Aignos, 2013), a collection of poetry and memoir titled In Conversation (Aignos, 2014), and Once in a Lifetime (Berkeley Press, 2014), a film transposed in four acts. He has also been photographed for various clothing lines and editorials, and participated in several print and television campaigns, along with runway shows in Manhattan, Miami, and Rio de Janeiro. Along with Puerto Rican novelist Jonathan Marcantoni, he runs the YouNiversity, a non-profit digital workshop that provides students access to and experience with the publishing industry through media professionals in the United States, Europe, Latin America, and Africa. Unlike the curriculum and objectives of many MFA programs across the United States, the YouNiversity focuses on several different facets of a writer's literary development, including real-time interaction with editors, literary agents, graphic artists, publishers, and other readers and writers.

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