Quote by: Carl Friedrich Gauss

To praise it would amount to praising myself. For the entire content of the work... coincides almost exactly with my own meditations which have occupied my mind for the past thirty or thirty-five years.

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Author Bio

  • NameCarl Friedrich Gauss
  • DescriptionGerman mathematician and physical scientist
  • AliasesGauss; Johann Carl Friedrich Gauss; Karl Gauss; C. F. Gauss
  • BornApril 30, 1777
  • DiedFebruary 23, 1855
  • CountryHoly Roman Empire; Confederation Of The Rhine; German Confederation
  • ProfessionMathematician; Geophysicist; Astronomer; Science Writer; Physicist; Geodesist
  • AwardsOrder Of Merit For Arts And Science; Fellow Of The Royal Society; Copley Medal