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William Ernest is a South African-born Scottish artist, musician, writer, and record producer. He was the co-founder of late 1980s avant-garde pop group The KLF and its 1990s media-manipulating successor, the K Foundation, with which he burned a million pounds in 1994. More recent art activities, carried out under Drummond's chosen banner of the Penkiln Burn, include making and distributing cakes, soup, flowers, beds and shoe-shines. More recent music projects include No Music Day, and the international tour of a choir called The17. Drummond is the author of several books about art and music.

Author Bio

  • NameBill Drummond
  • DescriptionScottish musician, music industry figure, writer and artist
  • AliasesKing Boy D
  • BornApril 29, 1953
  • CountryUnited Kingdom