Quote by: bell hooks

In a world where positive expressions of sexual longing connect us we will all be free to choose those sexual practices which affirm and nurture our growth. Those practices may range from choosing promiscuity or celibacy, from embracing one specific sexual identity and preference or choosing a roaming uncharted desire that is kindled only by interaction and engagement with specific individuals with whom we feel the spark of erotic recognition no matter their sex, race, class, or even their sexual preference. Radical feminist dialogues about sexuality must surface so that the movement towards sexual freedom can begin again.

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Author Bio

  • Namebell hooks
  • DescriptionAmerican author, feminist, and social activist
  • AliasesGloria Jean Watkins
  • BornSeptember 25, 1952
  • CountryUnited States Of America
  • ProfessionPhilosopher
  • WorksAin't I A Woman?; All About Love: New Visions; We Real Cool: Black Men And Masculinity; Feminist Theory: From Margin To Center