Quote by: August Kubizek

Hitherto I had been convinced that my friend wanted to become an artist, a painter, or perhaps an architect. Now this was no longer the case. Now he aspired to something higher, which I could not yet fully grasp. It rather surprised me, as I thought that the vocation of the artist was for him the highest, most desirable goal. But now he was talking of a mandate which, one day, he would receive from the people, to lead them out of servitude to the heights of freedom. It was an unknown youth who spoke to me in that strange hour. He spoke of a special mission which one day would be entrusted to him, and I, his only listener, could hardly understand what he meant. Many years had to pass before I realized the significance of this enraptured hour for my friend.

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Author Bio

  • NameAugust Kubizek
  • Descriptionaustrian conductor
  • BornAugust 3, 1888
  • DiedOctober 23, 1956
  • CountryAustria
  • ProfessionConductor; Author; Painter