Quote by: Antal Szerb

The staying awake was a great self-sacrificaing gesture of friendship, and wonderfully in keeping with our current mood of intense friendship and religious fervour. We were all in a state of shock. We engaged in a long Dostojevskyan conversations and drank one black coffee after another. It was sort of night typical of youth, the sort you only can look back on with shame and embarassment once you've grown up. But God knows, I must have grown up already by then, because I don't feel the slightest embarassment when I think back to it, just a terrible nostalgia.

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Author Bio

  • NameAntal Szerb
  • DescriptionHungarian writer
  • AliasesA. H. Redcliff
  • BornMay 1, 1901
  • DiedJanuary 27, 1945
  • CountryHungary
  • ProfessionWriter