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About Angelina Grimke:

Angelina Emily Grimké Weld was an American political activist, abolitionist, women's rights advocate, and supporter of the women's suffrage movement. While she was raised a Southerner, she spent her entire adult life living in the North. The time of her greatest fame was between 1836, when a letter she sent to William Lloyd Garrison was published in his anti-slavery newspaper, The Liberator, and May 1838, when she gave a courageous and brilliant speech to abolitionists gathered in Philadelphia, with a hostile crowd throwing stones and shouting outside the hall. The essays and speeches she produced in that two-year period were incisive arguments to end slavery and to advance women's rights.

Author Bio

  • NameAngelina Grimke
  • DescriptionAmerican abolitionist and feminist
  • AliasesAngelina Emily Grimké Weld
  • BornFebruary 20, 1805
  • DiedOctober 26, 1879
  • CountryUnited States Of America
  • AwardsNational Women's Hall Of Fame