Quote by: Andrew Hussie

JOHN: are you... JOHN: are you gay now? DAVE: what no KARKAT: (THE WORDS. WHY WON'T THE WORDS STOP. DEAR GOD.) JOHN: i dunno, it sounds to me like you're trying tell me something here! DAVE: man no look JOHN: i mean, it's ok if you're gay now! JOHN: that's totally cool, if true. JOHN: i just think... JOHN: you turning gay would be kind of a weird consequence of me changing the time line around? JOHN: ok, not "weird"... JOHN: just, unexpected! JOHN: i dunno what i did that would account for that. JOHN: maybe saving one of terezi's plush toys did some goofy homosexual butterfly effect thing on you? JOHN: jeez, who knows! DAVE: dude you arent listening DAVE: although a gay butterfly effect is a pretty funny idea lets not dismiss that as a concept altogether DAVE: anyway maybe what im tryin to say is sorta getting lost in the weeds here DAVE: the fact that you were wondering if i "turned gay" makes me think maybe youre still not quite on the wavelength im tryin to ramble on here

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