Quote by: Amitav Ghosh

She had talked of this at length with Kadambari—Mrs. Dutt: Why should it not be possible for these freedoms to be universally available for women everywhere? And Mrs. Dutt had said that of course, this was one of the great benefits of British rule in India; that it had given women rights and protections that they’d never had before. At this, Uma had felt herself, for the first time, falling utterly out of sympathy with her new friend. She had known instinctively that this was a false argument, unfounded and illogical. How was it possible to imagine that one could grant freedom by imposing subjugation? that one could open a cage by pushing it inside a bigger cage? How could any section of a people hope to achieve freedom where the entirety of a populace was held in subjection?

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Author Bio

  • NameAmitav Ghosh
  • DescriptionIndian writer
  • BornJuly 11, 1956
  • CountryIndia
  • ProfessionWriter; Novelist
  • WorksThe Glass Palace; Sea Of Poppies; River Of Smoke
  • AwardsPadma Shri; Sahitya Akademi Award