Quotes by Abbie Hoffman

About Abbie Hoffman:

Abbot Howard "Abbie" Hoffman was an American political and social activist and anarchist who co-founded the Youth International Party ("Yippies").

Author Bio

  • NameAbbie Hoffman
  • DescriptionAmerican political and social activist
  • AliasesAbbie Hoffmann; Abbott Hoffman; Abbie hoffman; Abbott Howard Hoffman; America Hoffman; Abbott "Abbie" Hoffman; Barry Freed
  • BornNovember 30, 1936
  • DiedApril 12, 1989
  • CountryUnited States Of America
  • ProfessionPolitician; Psychologist; Political Activist; Social Activist; Political Writer; Human Rights Activist; Writer
  • WorksWoodstock Nation; Steal This Book