Quote from : X-Men: Days of Future Past Movie

Logan: What happened to the School?
Hank McCoy: It's been shut for years. Are you a parent?
Logan: [scoffs] I sure as hell hope not! Who are you?
Hank McCoy: I'm Hank, Hank McCoy. I look after the house now.
Logan: [smiles] You're Beast? Look at you. I guess you're a late bloomer.
Hank McCoy: I don't know what you're talking about, but I'm going to have to ask you to leave.
[tries to shut the door]
Logan: [pushes against door] So where's the Professor?
Hank McCoy: There's no Professor here!
Logan: You're pretty strong for a scrawny kid. Come on, sure there's not a little Beast in there?
Hank McCoy: [struggling] No! He's not here!
Logan: Come on, Beast. Come on, Beastie...
Hank McCoy: No!
[gives way as Logan bursts through door]