Quote from : Who Framed Roger Rabbit Movie

Smart Ass: We searched Valiant boss. The will ain't on him.
Judge Doom: Then frisk the woman.
Greasy: *I'll* handle this one...
[He puts his hand down her dress and feels around for a beat before screaming in pain and removing his hand which has been caught by a bear trap]
Eddie Valiant: [to Jessica] Nice booby trap.
[the weasels all laugh at Greasy's misfortune, but Doom glares at them and they stop]
Judge Doom: Do they have the will or not?
Smart Ass: Nah, just a stupid love letter.
Judge Doom: No matter. I doubt that will is going to show up in the next fifteen minutes anyway.
Eddie Valiant: What happens in the next fifteen minutes?
Judge Doom: Toontown will be legally mine, lock, stock and barrel.

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