Quote from : Veer-Zaara Movie

Zaara Hayaat Khan: Squadron Leader Veer Pratap Singh, thank you very much!
Veer Pratap Singh: For what?
Zaara Hayaat Khan: In exchange for my one day, you've given me a lifetime of memories and relationships!
Veer Pratap Singh: It was a promise from an Indian to a Pakistani. If I didn't fulfill it my country's honour would have been tarnished, right?
Zaara Hayaat Khan: I think getting Bebe's ashes here was God's way of bringing me here. I was destined to meet all of you.
Veer Pratap Singh: Do you believe in destiny?
Zaara Hayaat Khan: Of course. Don't you?
Veer Pratap Singh: Not until now. Now, I've begun to believe...

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