Quote from : Total Recall Movie

Immigration Officer: [to the Fat Lady] Have you brought any fruits or vegetables on the planet?
Fat Lady: [with a big smile] Two weeks.
Immigration Officer: Excuse me?
Fat Lady: [ticcing with her mouth] Two weeks. Twooo weeeks! Wweeeoo...
Richter: [walks by and looks back to the Fat Lady]
Fat Lady: Two...
[moving her lips with her hands, then moving her head uncontrollably]
Richter: Quaid...
Richter: That's Quaid!
Soldier: Where?
Richter: That woman! Get him! Her!
[runs to her]
Soldier: Arrest that woman!
Richter: Get that woman!
[a disorder in the hall]
Fat Lady: [screaming and moving her head, touches her ear as if it is a switch, her wig fells off]
[the masks opens and Quaids head becomes visible]
Douglas Quaid: Catch!
[and throws the mask to the soldiers]
Fat Lady: Get ready for a surprise!
[and the mask explodes in the soldiers' faces]

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