Quote from : The Town Movie

[Dino shows Frawley a file on Desmond Elden]
FBI S.A. Adam Frawley: Desmond Elden?
Dino Ciampa: Yeah. Works at Vericom. Never seen the inside of a jail cell. Now, most of these guys get no-show jobs. They take the armored truck, foreman goes, "Yeah, guy was here yesterday," and shows us a forged time card. But they can't play them games at Vericom 'cause it's a public company. If you don't show up it's a recorded sick day. And 'Dezzy' here has some interesting sick days: Bank Boston. Cummins Armored. Arlington Brinks. Cambridge Merchants.
[He hands surveillance stills to Frawley, who sits down at his desk and looks at them]
FBI S.A. Adam Frawley: Jesus Christ.

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