Quote from : The Proposition Movie

Officer Dunn: Who the fuck left Danny Boy out in the sun?
[Taking a piss]
Officer Dunn: Hey, Jacko, you lazy bugger, I told you to bury that bastard last night. He stinks worse than you. Jacko!
Two Bob: You got the wrong fuckin' black man.
Arthur Burns: Slowly now, Sergeant. Put your privates back in your pants and turn around. Come to steal my brother a horse, and we find ourselves a copper.
Officer Dunn: You fire that gun, you'll have eight more all over you.
Arthur Burns: Fair enough.
[Puts gun away, draws knife]
Arthur Burns: Step into the shade, Sergeant. To the back.
Officer Dunn: Has Charlie found you, then? Stanley's little mate.
Arthur Burns: Over there, by the straw. That's right. Stay. Lay down, Sergeant.
Officer Dunn: I know something you don't know. Your brother's come to kill you. I can help.
Arthur Burns: You can help me? Help your fucking self!
[Stomping on Officer Dunn's head]
Arthur Burns: . Help! Your! Fucking! Self! Copper.

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