Quote from : Stardust Movie

Guard: Dunstan Thorn, not again!
Tristan: It's Tristan, actually.
Guard: Oh. You do look a bit like your father. And I suppose you intend to cross the wall as well, do you? Well you can forget it - go home!
Tristan: Cross the wall as well as who?
Guard: No one. Nobody.
[Tristan walks to cross the wall]
Guard: Nobody crosses the wall! You know that! Everybody knows that.
Tristan: You know, I know. I understand. Nobody. Well I better head for the old homestead, then.
Guard: Good night, then. Good night, Tristan.
Tristan: Good night.
[Tristan begins to walk away]
Guard: Give my best to your father.
[Tristan turns around and runs to cross the wall like Dunstan had done but the guard stops him and begins to hit him with his wooden cudgel. Tristan ends up on the ground]
Guard: [casually] Off you go.

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