Quote from : Scarface Movie

Tony Montana: Your guy Alberto... you know he's a piece of shit. I told him to do something he didn't listen to me, so I had to cancel his fucking contract.
Alejandro Sosa: My partners and I are pissed off Tony.
Tony Montana: That's okay, no big deal. We do it next month.
Alejandro Sosa: No, Tony you can't do that. They found what was under the car, Tony! Now, our friend has got security up the ass! And the heat is gonna come down hard on my partners and me. There's not gonna be a next time you fucking dumb Cuban... you cocksucker! You blew it!
Tony Montana: Hey! Take it easy when to talk to me, okay?
Alejandro Sosa: I told you... I told you a long time ago, you fucking little monkey, not to fuck me!
Tony Montana: [strung out] Hey, hey! Who the fuck you think you're talking to huh? You wanna fuck with me? Who the fuck you think I am? Your fucking bellboy? Come on! Bring it! You wanna go to war? We take you to war! Okay?

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