Quote from : End of Watch Movie

Mike Zavala: What you doing?
Mr. Tre: Doing what I do, you know what I'm saying? Same shit, different day. Ain't shit changed. What's up with ya'll?
Mike Zavala: Just slow motion.
Mr. Tre: And that little incident you and I had? You kept it G. You didn't snitch on me and I respect that. So check this out, my people just got out of Folsom Prison. From up North.
Mike Zavala: Oh yeah?
Mr. Tre: Word is you got a hit on ya'll, man. Ya'll been greenlit.
Brian Taylor: Come on, man. We're cops. Everybody wants to kill us, Tre.
Mr. Tre: Hey, I'm just telling you what they're saying, man.
Mike Zavala: No, you know what? We appreciate the info, man, but this don't mean you get a pass if we catch you slipping.
Mr. Tre: I ain't looking for no fucking pass. I do what I do, you know what I'm saying?
Mike Zavala: I had to say it, though. You know how it is.
Brian Taylor: What you doing this weekend, Tre? You like the Dodgers?
Mr. Tre: You gonna slide a nigga some tickets or something?

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