Quote from : Calvary Movie

Father Leary: Things you hear in confession these days. It's depressing.
Father James Lavelle: You have to detach yourself from it. We're here to provide solace. Your personal feelings don't come into it.
Father Leary: I know that. What do you take me for? It's difficult, though, the mess people make of their lives.
Father James Lavelle: What's the problem? Without going into details, obviously.
Father Leary: Your one with the big black eye on her. Have you seen her?
Father James Lavelle: Veronica Brennan, yeah.
Father Leary: She's an odd one. The things she comes out with. It's like she's trying to drag you down into the muck. Do you know what felching is?
Father James Lavelle: I do know what felching is, yeah.
Father Leary: I had to look it up.
Father James Lavelle: This is you not going into details, is it?

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